Guest members of our Teams sites have blank titles, despite manually adding title in our Azure AD

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In my Teams site, I have members who are in our tenant. Their Titles show up when I list site members.

In the same Teams site, I have Guests. They were invited from another Office-365-using-institution. I invited them using their Office 365-recognized email addresses so they could join my Teams site using their Office 365 passwords managed by their own institution.

When I view the Teams site members, those from my institution have Titles. Those from the other institution (Guests), show up with no Title.  Even though, for each Guest users, I have logged into our institutions Office 365 admin, verified they are in our institution's Azure AD as guests, and have manually typed in their Titles. 

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@Ben Schmidt When you search for the user you should see the Job Title, as you can see in my example below. Where else do you expect the Job Title to appear?




Teams app > Click on Teams > Click on [desired Team] > Click on Manage Team 

All those Team members who have member status have their Titles shown.
All those Team members who have Guest status have no Titles.

For each Guest status participant, the Office 365 Admin reports they are in our tenant's Azure AD, and we have manually filled in their Titles in Azure AD. Yet, their titles remain blank.

Same issue with Windows desktop app (currently Version 64 bit):

Titles and Location are displayed for members and owners, blank for guests.


When running the browser version of Teams, the title and location is displayed for all, including guests.