Guest account MSA (,, login fails due to personal email

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When it will be possible to login with MSA (Microsoft Account) on Teams ?

Screenshots below.




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Guest access for MSA users (any non-AAD email address) is coming in the next couple months. That will enable those users to be invited to a team, and then use that account to login to Teams.

Has anyone seen an ETA on non MS Accounts?

I think that's implemented already. if you search for it, tons of valuable information is pulled up. It's remarkably easy to set up as well; Matt Soseman gives a great walk through.
This feature is yet not able in Microsoft Team.. You can currently add a guest use with O365/ school and personal account...

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According, with the roadmap this should be delivered in Q3 CY2017 is there a release date?




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at the moment it is only possible in azure b2b have not seen any update on this yet

@Dan Stevenson wrote:
Guest access for MSA users (any non-AAD email address) is coming in the next couple months. That will enable those users to be invited to a team, and then use that account to login to Teams.

any news on when this feature is going live?
This will be verynice. Right now, I've got some people hesitant to join my team beause they don't want to have yet another email address that they have to log into and potentially use. Hopefully that's changing, though.

It is rolling out now!


What do I need to do to prepare for this change?
If you would like to permit guest access, you will need to enable it by
navigating to the Teams section on the Settings & Add-Ins page in the Admin Center. In the “Settings by user/license type” section, select “guest” as user/ license type, move the toggle to “on” and save your changes. For a video walkthrough on enabling guest access, click here.

If you have already enabled guest access with the expectation that you wanted to restrict it to AAD accounts only, you can disable guest access via the Teams setting by switching the feature off.
Thanks for this. Might definitely have to consider it now. Sounds remarkably simple; thanks for the heads up!
I added a guest with a gmail address and that went fine, but the guest with the gmail address could not log in, but got a microsoft login screen and was not recognized. Very unfortunate this.
So I can add a guest in Teams with a gmail adres, but they can not log in yet !?!?!?!

If you have Global Admin, try doing this:

  1. Go to Settings and select Services & Add-ins
  2. Click Microsoft Teams
  3. Under Settings by user/license type select guest and toggle on for all users of this type.


Just got the to work for teams.

1. Added gmail user to AAD B2B using guest add, in a Google Chrome browser.

2. Went to gmail account and followed the welcome link to see Microsoft AAD summary.

3. Added gmail user as a member to the Microsoft Team.

4. Went to gmail account and followed the welcome link, added password.  > failed to login.

5. Hit the reset password button on the Microsoft web login error screen.

6. Changed the password on the gmail account.

7. logged into the  Microsoft teams account using the gmail and the new password.

8. Teams opened the browser.


This indicates that AAD may not have had a valid password for the guest user id.

did not try to just to Teams and change the password. someone might try that and report back.

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