Guest Access for GCC-High

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Our main question is, when can we see and add other companies as members or guests into our GCC-High MS Teams clients?  When (or if) this happens, would that capability carry over to SharePoint and OneDrive?  This lack of capability to actually collaborate outside of our tenant is truly debilitating!

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@hhayslett1229 thanks for your question! As we enhance the guest access experince in our government spaces you'll see greater ability to interact with guests in your environment with Teams and SharePoint. There are some key elements you'll want to watch for to enhance the overall experince, such as information protection / sensitivity labels in M365 services which are rolling out - see more on the public roadmap here for that feature -



We are tracking the roadmap on a daily basis as well as implementing data labeling throughout our tenant. However, we can only add members within our tenant to our MS Teams channels, and our clients cannot add us as Guests. Do you have an actual timeline for Guest access or the ability to see other federated companies within GCC-High?
I have the same question as Heath - how can we invite clients who are not part of our GCC-High Tenant? I.E. GCC Commercial, or just Commercial. Right now we have no ability to collaborate with users outside of our firm utilizing teams, as we cannot invite guests. The rollout plan does not address this basic function of Teams - to use it as a collaboration tool across the company divide.

@hhayslett1229 please continue to follow the public roadmap for future information related to this. It's getting updates frequently with more information on government space features releasing. 



Could you send this up to someone in development who has an idea regarding the timeline? I've heard 6-9 months for the ability to add Guests (or to be added as a Guest) in GCC-High. I've seen other threads state that this is "coming soon", but it is not on the roadmap. Right now, Teams is not a viable option for collaboration while in the GCC-High Government cloud.

@hhayslett1229 absolutely! Thank you for the feedback around this - we know it's an important part of collaboration in this environment. I'm in the space and will share the feedback with the teams involved. Your voice here does matter and truly, thanks for bringing it up!


You are watching the correct area to get public information on when enhancements to guest access will arrive in GCC-H with the public roadmap site (just as a FYI!).