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I can create a group in Teams Chat but can't figure out how to use to focus a chat with that group?  What am I missing?  What other use are Groups in teams?

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Hey Paul, can you elaborate a little more on your question? Assuming you mean Group chat's on the chat tab in Teams? These can be used for single topic conversations. Think of it as needing to invite a group of people that don't have a common Team already, cross department etc. But you need to have a conversation about something. Say a Lunch? Or a specific communication you're working on getting out that's more process oriented than collaboration.

I don't see how to invite the Group to the chat, I tried @groupname  that didn't work.  What's the trick?


You can only invite individuals into group chats.

Hi @Paul Fox - Where are these groups coming from? Are you trying to add an existing Group Chat to another group chat? 


This can be done using the Add Participants button on the upper right:
group chat.png

I think he’s trying to add a distribution or another team/group to the group chat or team chat.

Paul if you could try to elaborate a bit more! Thanks!