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As Groups and Teams are connected, can you fix the (or modify) the group files view to show folders?

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Hi Christopher - We currently have a "Open In Sharepoint" option that allows you to view all your existing folders. We are looking into ways to better integrate with existing folders. Can you also post this on UserVoice please?

Hey Christopher, thanks for reaching out. Looks like we can make improvements to the group files view to default users to the "Document" sharepoint page which has the same content as Teams files view. For now the work around would be to click on the "Document" option in the groups sharepoint to see your Teams files.



Appears there are a least 3 different places that a user will have files which is confusing. Under Teams/General/Files, the Outlook Group SharePoint Document Library and the Outlook Group Files(  Additional folders can be created under all three different locations. However, the Outlook Group Files are not assessible from Teams. A tab cannot be created to reference the website as only a SharePoint document library URL can be used.