Grabbing a Share LInk in Teams

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The Copy Link feature in Teams provides no permissions to the link that is copied like it does in Teams which causes a lot of users sharing a link with invalid permissions. Is there anyway to mimic the copy link function to have the same experience as sharepoint or in document sharing? Also, the default Teams link only works with those on Teams and it would be nice to make it universal to minimize the number or access requests and frustrated users not allowed in documents.

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Hi @Lucy (Krol) Vargo - We do have a permissioning model for the Copy Link feature. If you are sending the link to someone who is not part of the team, they will get a "Join" button (for Public Teams) or "Request to Join" button(for Private Teams).

Hi Lorraine, let me clarify - I mean if you are grabbing the link from Teams and then sending it via a different avenue, you may at the time of copying the link - want to restrict the permissions. Currently in sharepoint, you have the option for specific people, anyone on the team, or the whole organization would be able to access the link. I dont think the sharing link is the same experience in Teams and it would be nice if it was more clear on what type of link you are copying.

Ah, thank you for the clarification! I will bring this feedback back to the product team to review.