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My last question, I promise!

I'd really like to be able to rename the general channel. The challenge we have is that general is quite non-descript.

e.g. we might want to have an 'important' channel for discussing key issues around our project, but also a 'silly' channel for idle conversation about lunch etc... the problem with general for us is there's not the classification of whether it is serious, silly, or anything else. Would be great if we could rename it even if it always stays.


And finally just to reiterate my thoughts - thanks to the Teams team for all your hard work, we are very impressed so far with the amount of work and thought that has gone into this.


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We are working on the ability to allow you to rename general as we know it doesn't fit all Teams.

When we allow you to change the name, we recommend that you call your channel Colonel. Smiley Happy

can we also have the ability to favorite the default General channel? 

Is there any update on this, I would also like to edit the General channel.
It is quite annoying in the Swedish version of MS Teams, in a new team there will be a channel named "Allmänt" (Swedish for "General"). If I create a OneNote page from that channel it's named "Allmänt - xxxx". In OneDrive, however, the folder associated with this channel is named "General"... That is irritating!

It's been 10 there an ETA on this?

I'll add my vote to request this feature.  The more we use Teams, the clearer the need to be able to rename or hide the default General channel becomes.  

Same question here.

We noticed when a team is created it will also created an address in the GAL.

Is it possible to rename this email address?

I know we can rename the Team's name but so far I can't find the way to rename that email address.

The suggestion to Delete or Rename the General channel is on UserVoice (with around 250 votes) but was declined by the product team in January 2018:

In other words, this is not going to happen I'm afraid, at least not anytime soon.