Functionality Blocker for moving to Teams

One piece of functionality that is currently a blocker is the ability to do external communications with MSFT accounts (MSAs for Skype Consumer, e.g Are there any plans to bring this into Teams?
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We've been also asked by some of our customers about Skype consumer for them to interact with external people that are already on Skype.
Could always use the anonymous join feature for externals
Negative...need to be able to have them in the contacts list, have private chat conversations (not scheduled meetings), etc - just like in S4B
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This is a request we have heard a lot. Please follow the status on Teams User Voice at\TeamsUserVoice  and +1 it. 

Jim-Barry, what is the exact need?

There is a user scenario for sure and I'd like to focus on that rather than technology (which accounts, etc).

Would you kindly clarify?

Is this the one you are referring to? If so, let's get the "DECLINED" off of it and get this on the roadmap. Teams is supposed to have feature parity and more with SfBO and it currently does not (even though marketing says it does)

Per my earlier comment, the point is to understand the scenario (use case) - let's abstract from the technology for now please.

Some recent use cases I have would be: - chat with customers (who are many times individuals using Skype consumer) - video chat with recruits - video chat with news outlets to do interviews (many of which use Skype consumer to do interviews because they don't have expensive studios) - chat with vendors and contractors who don't have business grade accounts Sorry, I tried not to say Skype, but I had to :)

Dan, it seems your need is for an easy and rich B2C solution. 

With Teams you can do things you could not do in SFB, such as having full AV on a browser. 

How critical is it that the C be on this or that specific client if the fundamental need is satisfied?

What else is needed (serious and honest question)?

You are correct - and it being "easy" is the key here. The main thing that is missing is being able to have external contacts (skype consumer accounts) be added to the contacts list in Teams and being able to fire up ad-hoc chats with them just like any other business account. Having to schedule a meeting (web conference) would not be seen as easy in this context. Browser-based conferencing is awesome BTW. Also, now that I put myself in TeamsOnly mode, I can no longer even receive messages from Skype Consumer accounts. My business account still comes up in the search in Skype Consumer (shows as a SfB user) and presence works, but no messages are routed through to Teams. So, this is beyond even being "easy", it is simply broke for messages coming in from Skype consumer. Skype consumer doesn't even get an error message, the message is just lost.

So "easy B2C" is important and I'd like to make sure we keep refining what that is... independently of technology.

Let me know if you need any more details on our scenarios...happy to discuss further