Full text search in Teams


Can anyone give the current status of full text search in Teams?


This is really hindering adoption for us, and there are two VERY SIMILAR requets on User Voice already that I think should be merged:



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Any chance we'll get a response for this one?

A response would be great.  From conversations with Slack account managers, this is a heavily touted difference they love to call out when asked for a comparison of the two products.  Microsoft is closing the gaps quickly and this one is still outstanding. 

We're still waiting patiently for a response on this one ;)

I'm also going to be in the same boat real soon with the Wiki's my team is putting together.  We are in the process of developing a Teams environment for our who department and I foresee this being quite a big issue in the near future.  Having wiki's (let alone any kind of text say in OneNote) not searchable and linked to the exact position in the file is going to be a major turn-off for our users.

@Scott Winn The full text search is a really important feature, and for almost three years Microsoft is ignoring the users voice.


If you urgently need a wiki with full text search and a bunch of other cool features (for example, export to PDF) I can suggest to try Perfect Wiki. It's the only one wiki fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, which will be soon officially available in the Teams Marketplace.


Today, you can request early access and become a hero in your company by building really useful knowledge base w/o leaving Microsoft Teams.


Link: https://perfectwiki.xyz/