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One of the most difficult things to get my users to understand is why they have to follow channels, or tell their Team members to follow a newly created channel to receive notifications.  Could Following the channel be the default and members can unfollow rather than the other way around?.  I get way too many complaints that this is not intuitive and people are missing conversations as a result. 

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I think they just need to change "Favorite" to Join. People think favorite means follow, and they just can't put the 2 together. If you force follow people thou, they will get notification overload. Favorite works fine, long as people learn to use channel mentions. That's the key.

yes!  Opt-out instead of Opt-In would be great.

From what I can tell, since the new notification system went into place, channels do notifications by default on new posts and channel mentions (not reply), which IMO is a good start.
As @Brian Schiller mentions opt-in should be default or at the very least be an administrative option.

I very much doubt people would suffer notification overload. people are added to that team as they should be receiving messages in the channels belonging to that team. If there is a channel that they are being inundated by they have the option to easily unfollow it.

The current default leaves 3 options all that are complete nonstarters:

1. Teaching the entire company to remember to use an @teamname every time they want to send a message to the very messaging group they are posting to is alien to everyone.
2. Trying to convince an entire company to follow the channels they care about.
3. IT running around everyone's machines and setting notifications manually.

Even more infuriating is that not even the default general channel is set to notify everyone!

actually scratch that, they don't auto turn on for new messages. Anyway, at a very minimum when you show a channel, it should subscribe to new conversations at the least. This way you can create a channel and have it "show" for everyone when created and it would add notifications that they can choose to remove after the fact.
Thats a complete culture change from fb messenger, what's app, slack literally any other group messaging platform. if you're posting to a team why should you need to mention the team! no one including myself will understand this without it being spelled out to them, ive spent an entire day working out why the system doesnt work this way and how it should be used. presumably ive now got to try and convince an entire company that it makes sense.
you can subscribe by auto show however there is no setting for turning on notifications by default this can only be done at enduser level. it's excruciating
Chats/Group Chats do work that way which is what all those others platforms are. I don't disagree, it should be the users choice as to opt in or out by default, but It's not that bad, break it down comparing to e-mail. @mentions = to: field. @team mention = distro group, @channel mention = Shown channels. No mentions = cc: field.

It hasn't been that big of deal in the org's I've deployed, people will figure it out, obviously some slower than others. The issue is if you opt in by default, and get into an active few Teams with a bunch of channels, you will be in notification overload and it will be annoying to unsubscribe from all those channels. Ideally what they really need it a way to say, set these notification settings for all channels in this Team at the team level. Let you choose those defaults, then you can quickly change them when joining a Team.
Funnily enough, my test group has been using chat/group chat in exactly that manner and have completely ignored the team's section as in their words "it never notifies us"

I would compare it to email in this manner Team=Distro Group Channel=Subject/CC @mention=To:

If you have no interest in the channel/subject just as you would with an email where you have been CCd you can ignore it. if you become relevant in the chain again you will be mentioned and can begin refollowing if necessary.

There will obviously be different interpretations on how to best use the software however not giving the admin the necessary tools to sculpt it in a way that would work for their org is crazy.