First party integration with OneNote, Planner, etc.

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When are we going to see integration with other Office 365 workloads like Yammer, OneNote, and Planner. The lack of Planner integration is a real issue for us.


We love Microsoft Teams but we need better integration with Office 365.

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Planner integration should be coming in about a month (barring any issues). Wahoo! OneNote integration is still in planning phase but definitely on our radar.
That's great news!

Which integration is coming? Any detailed news ... we need the search function + being able to create task out of OneNote.

@michka - Do you mean creating a Planner Task from OneNote? I got this to work by using the Outlook Tasks button in OneNote. That creates an Outlook Task. Then I use Flow to create the Task in Planner.

@Vanessa WilliamsI assume you are using OneNote 2016? The problem with all these solutions is they reference features in OneNote 2016. The modern OneNote does not have this capability.