Finalize ”end-meeting” behaviour

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Thank you for improving the “end meeting” behavior, but I believe you have received a feedback about the problems what that has caused.

Currently you have labelled the action as “end meeting”, but honestly said, it does not end the meeting. That feature only kick out all of the participants from the meeting. And then let everybody to join again.

Do you already have plans to do a real “end meeting” behavior?

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Yes, we understand that there are multiple aspects for ending a meeting for education users. The 'end the meeting' option in the client today will remove everyone from the call. This is part of the solution.

Coming this summer, we will introduce a behavior where students will have to wait in a lobby until a teacher joins the meeting.

But Nick don't you agree that label is incorrect?


Why not fix the behavior or if that is impossible(?), then labeling to "disconnect participants"? I feel at least a bit sad that we are saying something, but reality is then something else.


Or is this so called "fake feature"?