Files tab new experience with SharePoint metadata: ETA?

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Hi all!


Is there any ETA to the Files tab new experience? 


It would be very nice to have it available soon, since it was announced months ago that it was going to be rolling out this November, but there's no news about it, and the Roadmap webpage shows "In development" status.


This update would help a lot of customers that are used to work with metadata for years now thanks to the SharePoint adoption. We want them to embrance Teams like their centralized teamwork tool, but the lack of metadata integration could hold them back a litle bit in this case scenario. We know that we could use a "web site" tab, but that wouldn't be so elegant ;)


We really hope it doesn't get delayed too much!



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It's now February and nothing but silence, any updates out there?

Nothing. A “we found some bugs” or something would be better than nothing but it’s been crickets. Lots of other things that were supposed to be released year end. Small UI changes etc. but they said early this year and those are MIA too. So here’s to hoping something big is around the corner with lots of changes.

Chris Thanks for the reply, I can't even find it in the Teams Roadmap, must be missing it.  Any idea if we will finally be able to create a tab pointing to a specific folder rather than the root of the DL after this update or even better point to the new modern doc sets once these are released in March.  I thought I read somewhere a long time ago that you would be able to point a tab to a folder however not sure if it was tied to this update.

I haven’t seen anything to that level outside of just the files default tab being updated to more of a SharePoint UI.

Have you tried using a website tab to a folder URL? Navigate to a folder on SharePoint take that URL and paste to website tab. Might work? Can’t remember if it will default to a library too or actually be direct in the folder.

If it doesn’t. Always could look at website tab and Sharing link.

Yes that approach certainly works however it's in my opinion not a good experience.  It brings in the SP side and global navigation, etc.  It does not provide that seamless application experience you get from the files tab or modern list integration.  It's a funny thing, .  The ability to use metadata & views in this new feature will be great however pointing a tab to a folder with the same experience for consistency as the rest of the file experience seems like a basic requirements.


Thanks for your feedback, I will wait and see once this feature is released.

Hmm last I checked it only rendered the modern area similar to how the files tab will look. Guess if I get a minute I’ll mess with it and see. It changes often so who knows lol

Yep, you were right.  So I  tested using website and pointing to a folder in a Modern library and it worked as you indicated.  That said, since we are using Document sets this seems to be where the issue is coming from as when you open a doc set it flips back into a classic view which is why its displaying the whole SP site within teams.


This solution we are building is on hold until the modern DS are released. 

Ahh ok thought so ;). Yeah modern doc set is next in line. No idea how long but def coming.

@Chris Webb Any update available on the metadata tagging from Files tab inside of MS Team Channel?