File viewer/previewer improvements (universal Esc to exit preview, better performance)

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Just wanted to ask generally whether Teams' file-previewer is going to get TLC in the future.


These are not critical, but they cause some drag for us:


  • The previewer will try to open large files (e.g. large PDFs a few hundred MB in size) rather than just advising the user that it's too big to preview in Teams, and that it's better to download.

Occasionally this causes back-and-forth like "I can't open x.pdf!" and then a series of clarifications about how they tried to open it, ending it needs to be downloaded because of its size. It would be nice if the viewer could either load a few pages at a time (in the case of PDFs or other paginated documents), or be taught to know when it would be biting off more than it could chew. Wondering whether there are efforts to improve these things


  • In some places within Teams (e.g. chat), the Escape key will dismiss the previewer and take a user back to the place where they were before. But in other places (e.g. Files tab), Esc does nothing.

This isn't the end of the world, but is an annoyance to someone like me who may be trying to preview 5-10 files for some reason or other. Is it safe to assume this is a known issue?

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