Features I care about

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Features I care about, when will they be coming?


Private channels in teams


Analytics of members in team usage and activity


Separate settings for members and leads/admin of team


Recordings of Team video meetings

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There are separate settings for members and admins, or you talking about more than there is?
Yes. Much more. For education environment need more than basic.
We're actively working on Private Channels. It's a priority on our roadmap. O365 Analytics for Admins are coming later this quarter. We're also working on Team based analytics within the teams app. There are settings already just for owners. There aren't any specific settings for team members

Cloud Recording will be in Q2 for CY2018. 

The settings for team owners, it would be good for the educational teams to have more limit options for their students. 


And I know private channels are on the way, just wanted a nudge that we are anxiously waiting. :)

Will the private channels have their own Group?

Oh man I hope not. Groups are confusing as they are. If we have to nest them because of private channels it's going to be a mess.

I know there are priorities. But this needs to be added quicker. Accessibility is difficult as it is. No recording option makes this feature moot. Even if I can record to desktop until cloud recording comes.
No, I don't think this would make sense. They should create their own Group/Team in that case.

One of the big use cases is in Projects, where the Steering/Exec Committee needs to have private discussions related to the project.

True. But what they should do and what the functionality in Teams will offer will likely be mutually exclusive. I can see private channels being the lazy way to not make a new Team/Group because it makes it too easy. And later on they regret that because then they have to start playing with complex permissions in SharePoint/Files (maybe Planner/Stream too, who knows?) because of that decision. The idea of private channels makes me anxious. XD

Yeah hopefully it is designed in a different way.

Agreed Matt. Folder level permissions for the private channel SharePoint folders... :( :(

For educators this is essential. I would go crazy making a separate team for each group of my students and also a team for them all together. In the past I used Slack, and the private channels made it next level useful.

Maybe. Consider the complexity of branching and nested permissions, though. That stuff gets really complex really quickly. There are other ways to do this that are cleaner. That said, I get that it's important to you. I think a happy compromise would be the option for the admin to enable/disable private channels per Team. Some Teams simply aren't qualified and will likely make decisions they'll later regret (and blame on their IT team).


Many users are given too many buttons and they end up with outcomes they didn't know they should avoid because they didn't have enough time to train or consider the consequences.

90/10 rule

90% of the user time is spent on 10% of features and functionality

90% of dev time is spent on 10% of features and functionality (just not the 10% people use)

Sure. I would argue, though, that Teams was built to be simple and intuitive. Added complexity leads to that much more support time and unknowing mistakes/ad hoc decisions. Teams was built to make it so that 90/10 would turn into something closer to 90/50 by focusing on key functionality rather than building another development platform (like SharePoint). I'm not disagreeing with you here, I'm just pointing out that the goal of Teams was to sway that rule so more people got more into more features. Which I completely agree with; 90/10 is the reason so many people hate SharePoint.

Mmm... two diff things though. One is private chats. Two is private documents. They are not necessarily one and the same.

As for diff Groups b/c of permissions... where do I store my stuff that is related to Project X? My SP doc lib or yours? Or are you saying this doesn't matter b/c Search/Graph will find it?

I think the "complex permission" scenarios will never go away, unless collaboration cultures start to REALLY embrace transparency - and I'm sure that will never happen b/c we'll always have "confidential" information.

Honestly they just need to move Private channels like a "Group Chat" but it shows up as a channel in the Team. Files handled via OD4B instead of SharePoint etc. Difference with the Private Channel you get bot and tab support. Make the privacy exclusive to the Channel, dont' make private planner sub plans etc. gets too crazy. 

Re: private channel/docs: Definitely true. But in practice, their Venn diagrams will likely be close to an eclipse. I think it will be more likely they'll want permission-controlled documents than not if they have private channels. And you have to plan that out; day-to-day users shouldn't just make an ad hoc decision about that without knowing the consequences of higher-level ownership responsibilities. That's all I'm saying.


Re: Project X: Project X should have its own Group, period. Store your stuff there if it's ready to be shared with the Group. If it's not, keep it in OneDrive until you're ready to share it with the Group. (P.S. I never recommend depending on search/graph because it's unpredictable. Useful, but not foolproof.)