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Any idea of a timeframe when External Apps for Teams will be turned on by default? My understanding is that it has to clear FEDRAMP? If so, any ETA on that?


Best, Chris

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Hi Chris,


We've been doing a lot of investigation on this front and have run into quite a few compliance issues. The 3rd party apps specifically are more difficult because we have no way to guarantee their compliance once things leave our boundary. Work in progress but no date yet.


To help us focus, can you provide a list of which 3rd party apps you are already using and want to integrate with Teams?

You mean that you want to provision a team with the apps?
Hi David,

I have been asked this question several times on the Tech Community by members wondering why the apps are greyed out. They want to use a range of apps - from Jira to Invision. We have relayed this to them and that it will be some time if third party apps will be introduced.

Best, Chris
Hi Paul,

Third Party apps are greyed out in GCC versions due to FEDRAMP so users can't use apps such as Jira and InVision. There is no definitive timescale for them to be on by default.

Best, Chris