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Is External access to a Team Possible or is it restricted to our Office 365 tenant?

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best response confirmed by Michael Holste (Microsoft)
External access is not available in Microsoft Teams preview. We are working on several ways to expand the value of Microsoft Teams to more diverse types of organizations and teams, including the ability for guests outside the team or company to participate in a meaningful way.
No external access at this time.

Any news on this issue?


Its a huge demand from our customers, that they can invite partners / external people to their Teams. Its a showstopper as it is now, because customers want/demand this, to implement it to their organisations.


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+1 on the importance of this request. Most of the scenarios I want to use teams for involve being able to work with people who don't currently have O365.  Allowing them to participate in Teams would be a great way to introduce them to O365.
If no external access is allowed, could we get the O365 top navigation bar to the web version of Teams to be able to switch quickly between apps in browser ?