Extension Dialing


I know we can implement a Dialing Plan to enable "extension dialing", but will those same extensions ever be available to callers initiated from the Auto Attendant?  So a PSTN caller calls in to the main number hits the auto attendant and types in an extension to get to the person?


Also does dialing extensions when a dialing plan is enabled work with certified IP phones, for example Polycom VVX series?

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I dont have an answer to your hardware phone question but the extension dialing part is something we are looking at. Don't have dates to share yet but we are reviewing it to see what we can do there. 

Thank you even if admins could populate an AD attribute with an extension, and the auto attendant added that to its 'Search" definition it would suffice. So if a caller called in they could do the typing of the name, say the name or just type an extension, that would be great.

got it. I will note this as feedback. Thanks @itsbrad :)