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Are there any plans to support ethical walls in Teams / Skype for Business online?

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Hello Dan, 

Thanks for this question. From talking to customers in the Financial Services Industry, Ethical walls has come up as a big ask. We are definitely thinking about it for Teams, but don't have a target date yet. 


Do you have any specific scenarios or usecases that you want to highlight? 




Yes, financial services is spot on.  A couple things I would see as needed:

  1. Ability to apply ethical wall rules based on group membership (similar to how you would do it with exchange transport rules).  Support for dist lists or AAD dynamic groups.
  2. Block 1:1 and multi-party IM when participants violate the group based rules
  3. Support both in SfB clients, web clients and now in MS teams clients
  4. Potentially put group based blocks on teams to prevent joining / being invited to a team that is not appropriate


This is currently a blocker from moving to SfB online.

Any Updates on this 

Hi - wondering if there is any update on this topic? Still our #1 blocker to using the service...



take a look at

They had an ethicall wall function for s4b onprem which i used for serveral installations and i had a call with the team today, that there solutions for TEAMS is now ready. You can specify which internal user (based on teams, AD groups) can communicate (presence, file sharing, chat etc.) with other internal or external users.

If you need a direct contact to them let me know.




I think this is potentially a great add.

This uservoice doesn't seem to be going anywhere

I deal personally with a lot of organisations such as Law Groups where ethical walls are really 101 functionality. However, I think they are important in a lot of businesses to control shadow communications, particularly with functions like HR.

I'll push for this uservoice, but its great to know if can be applied through 3rd Party too

Best, Chris

Any Update on this?


Ethical Wall's are a big ask for the Financial Industry between particular groups. 


Here is the UserVoice,



Information Barriers for Teams is coming very soon. 

@Dan Myhre 


Just been announced today - 


Information barriers – coming soon – avoid conflicts of interest within your organization by limiting which individuals can communicate and collaborate with each other in Microsoft Teams. This helps limits the disclosure of information by controlling communication between the holders of information and colleagues representing different interests, for example, in Firstline worker scenarios. This is particularly helpful for organizations that need to adhere to ethical walls requirements and other related industry standards and regulations. Teams also comes with other built in compliance capabilities, such as retention, eDiscovery and supervision, built in.


Hope this answers your question!


Best, Chris

Very much looking forward to this. I have been trying to get our tenants on-boarded into the private preview for awhile. Great news that it is coming!
Now in preview!

Hope that answers your question! Long waited for!

Best, Chris

@Christopher HoardIs the "information barrier" expecting improvements to have more granular allow/block of Federated domains as well ? 


Hi @shazub,

Personally, I am not sure. The documentation on states that information barriers does not currently work across tenants - but I think it is still in preview at the current time so wouldn't rule it out as a forthcoming functionality

Your best bet would to be to open a ticket to see if it's on its way, or to raise it at the next possible AMA

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  Information Barriers in Teams is GA version that was made available end of June 2019. Current V1 version does not support IB support for federation scenarios. Its in the backlog and we are currently looking at the next set of features for IB.

Awesome, thanks for the clarification @Vikramj

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


Maybe you'd like to check this site. It compares the information barriers package with ours.

@AK6131 That is a good comparison, but the price you have shown there is misleading.  The add-on for information barriers is $6, not $35.  It is part of the E5 insider risk management sku.  This can be added to existing Office 365 plans.

@Dan Myhre 


I've been seeing this question come up more and more recently. IB policies do somewhat address this, but many customers are asking for more functionality. I decided to start an open-source project addressing this issue. You can read about it here: