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I have a couple of feature requirements that my enterprise clients have stated before being willing to migrate from Skype for Business (on-prem).


  1. Location management
    1. On-prem we can use an SNMP poll system to update user locations in the LIS to provide up to date user locations when dialing 911.
    2. When will Teams provide an API for such updating since users are more mobile than ever? 
    3. When will Teams provide for location updating using location services built into mobile clients (Android and iOS)?
  2. Federation
    1. Federation with Skype on prem is all well and good, but the big clients I work with rarely have only Skype for Business and the people they have to communicate with aren't always using SFB. When will a gateway be available to federate with Cisco, Avaya, etc following SIP standard federation like Skype? 
    2. When will outbound interop for video be available? Pexip, Polycom, and BlueJeans all tell me this is an issue for Microsoft, not them. My clients need to be able to connect to third party teleconferences.
  3. Trusted App Servers
    1. Skype for Business Online never exposed UCWA though several times I was told a similar offering was being worked on for it. Will such an API be available for Teams so as to avoid having to build and maintain on-prem Skype systems to do call-center or advanced call control via federation?
  4. Multi-line registration
    1. SLA as a feature is great, don't get me wrong, but will there be a capability to provide a true MLR functionality in teams? Be that for the equivalent of "anonymous" response groups as in Skype or so the users have access to an alternate outbound dialing solution?

Seth Schumacher

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Thank you for the thoughtful feedback, @dtSSchumacher.  While I work on making the appropriate feature teams see your feedback, I'd like to remind you to put your feedback items into UserVoice.  Making sure your enterprise requirements are included with the single UV items will be important to lend context to the individual asks.  


Thank you for being at the AMA and for sharing this feedback - it's much appreciated.