Email notifications not working

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Do email notifications work if the @ /mentions isn't used? Mine is set to email every hour as shown on the attachment and I assume it goes to the my email I'm logged in with. I've checked junk and clutter folders and am not receiving them. I'm using the Teams app.


There was one time I received an email and the user who replied to my post had been using the Android Mobile Teams app.


Where can we troubleshoot this and get it working?


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Emails are sent when you are @ mention and haven't already seen that message in the Teams client. It's a reminder if you haven't logged into Teams today. 

Thank you! Is there any way to get an email with an activity notification on the Team even if I'm not mentioned? Similar to how you can Follow Groups or set up Alerts on Team Sites. A lot of us need that reminder to go look at the Team if we don't use it daily yet. :)

I think maybe you should consider how people are using Teams. When someone posts a new message I recommend that they always @ mention either the people that the message is for or @ channel if it's of relevance for everyone. Posting without @ mentioning is kind of like saying no one should read this.


If the Teams users follow this practice then you'll get email notifications wether specifically mentioned or if you have favourited a channel that was mentioned.


You could try choosing to follow a channel, that way you would receive a notification for every post, but I don;t really know if that translates into an email alert or not.

Followed channels will generate e-mail, the settings in the Notifications settings can be set for each of these and follow is one. However, if you use mobile device or log into Teams at any point during the hour, the timer resets on the e-mail.

The idea is, don't rely on e-mails, if you don't want to miss messages in Teams you should treat Teams like your e-mail client. Download the desktop client, and have the app on your phone. That's what I tell people when they start using Teams.