Easter Eggs

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I love discovering easter eggs in products. Hidden features that only the super saavy know about. For example, markdown language support was recently added to Teams. What other secret features (either for fun or productivity) will help users get the most out of the app?Secret.PNG

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Hey Todd, thanks for reaching out. Our product officially doesn't have any easter eggs, but there are a number of great features for super saavy users. You should check out "custom bots" (Which can be found in the team context menu -> View Teams -> Bots tab) that allows you to setup you own incoming webhooks, or check out our developer platform (https://dev.office.com/microsoft-teams) which will provide you with more resources on how you can build your own tabs, bots, and connectors.

To stay updated on our latest releases/features check out https://aka.ms/teamsreleasenotes every Wednesday. We have more exciting features coming down the pipeline for saavy users like you.

Release notes are also posted inside the Teams app - go to Help and look for the Release Notes tab.

Did you know there is a sticker pack of the Octocorn, who is the Teams official mascot? @Suphatra Rufo