Dynamic Group Membership in Teams

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Is there any ability to utilize the Azure AD dynamic groups to maintain Team Membership? Right now it looks like we are only able to add users individually, but it would help for many staple sites that are for specific departments, to automatically bring in users to the department Team site if their AD information has that department listed. We are able to create the dynamic groups in Azure AD, but we cant assign that group to the Membership list in Teams.

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Oh wow this is great news! Thank you very much! The article is dated 11/26/2018, was this just released at that time?
It was supported in October! Rolled out shortly after Ignite.

I just tried enabling Teams for an existing O365 group with dynamic membership, and it wouldn't allow it.  I had to convert the group to assigned membership, then was able to teams enable the group.  Is that expected at this point?  Will it be fixed in a future update?

Not expected based off of this initial description - assuming you've followed the instructions here ( for enabling dynamic membership and you're getting an error, please file a support ticket.