Do you have an ETA for on premise bots?

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Do you have any updates regarding support for on premise bots?

The suggestion is under review since May. This is so much easier with Slack.
On your blog you announced support to bring our (Sharepoint) apps to teams with event subscription using websockets / which is very similar. (Sending events from a Sharepoint Online server on the public internet to our on premise Teams client, compared to sendings events from a Teams server to our on premise app/bot)

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We do not yet have an ETA but we haven't forgotten about it. We've even created a proof of concept.


We have to create a service for listening to websockets connections, monitoring them to ensure they are alive, and kill them when they aren't. This isn't unlike what we do for users, but users aren't expected to be available 24x7 like a bot is, so we can't re-use that infrastructure.


Unfortunately the work is quite different from the SharePoint tab work. In the case of the SharePoint tab, the Teams client initiates the connection; in the case of bots, the Teams service initiates the connection, which is why a bot has to be reachable outside the firewall in the first place.