Developing apps for Teams Mobile?

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I've followed this tutorial in order to get started in development for Teams.

The 'Hello World'-style app works fine within the desktop environment, but it doesn't show up in the mobile app. Are there specific limits for developing mobile apps in Teams? I've found this thread, but its quite dated and doesn't even mention the mobile version, so hopefully things have changed quite a bit?


Not being able to use an app that you've developed yourself in mobile form seems like a massive oversight. Especially for me since the app needs to function on both desktop and mobile. Therefore developing for desktop alone won't be viable in the long run.

Regards, Jake

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Hi Jake, thanks for the feedback and we are working on this right now! In fact, we expect in the next couple of months better support for tabs, messaging extensions, and other app capabilities on Teams iOS and Android clients.

Hi Larry,

That's great to hear. But can you confirm that, at the time of writing this, it is not possible to have an app developed by us users available for the mobile platform? Also - does this mean that there is no development mode for the mobile platform?

Regards, Jake

You can use certain features of an app developed for mobile. In particular, bots w/ Adaptive Cards are fully supported across all clients.

Channel tabs, personal tabs, and messaging extensions, however, are not yet supported and those are coming soon.

Alright. Thanks for the quick answers :)
I will be looking forward to be able utilize the full functionality within Teams for mobile.

Regards, Jake

@Larry Jin 

HI , could you share some information about the development process with app mobile.
I try to write an app in Teams mobile but it not working.

Could you give me link or sample to create a Teams mobile app.

Many thanks 

Could you please share links to Microsoft docs that has all the details of the custom apps support on Teams Mobile Android and iOS. @Larry Jin. Thanks.
Any update on the progress of this? In particular personal apps in mobile devices.
I cannot seem to find anything on the roadmap, so I am starting to think it may be forgotten :(