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We have noticed a lot of issues with the desktop client that are intermittent and hard to nail down to actually report. 


Things like being unable to add members or manage members, or not being about to @ mention people or groups; just to name a few.


Is there a plan to address these types of issues to make the client more stable and reliable?

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What OS are you using? and how many is a lot?

Our recommendation is to open a support ticket in order to get the issues fixed right away. 

Hi! This also sounds like client specific or permission / config setup..When you are having issues post on the TechCommunity and you will get help!



I am on Windows 10 Pro (17134). But, across our organization there are a few different possibilities, some Windows 10, but also still a lot still on Windows 7. It is hard to quantify this with a number. Enough to be annoying and give us pause as we consider rolling this out to our 36000 user base. I would say that we, personally, run into these issues a couple of times a week as we are using and managing out own Teams.
Do you also run into them using the browser or only desktop client?

Please break down your issues and describe them in details next time they occur and create a post in the Microsoft Teams community! People there will help you and figure out if there's something to be done or if this is something on Microsoft's side!


Of course you should create a ticket first if it's something causing an imminent impact!




I confirmed with my team that these issues are in both the browser and desktop client when we see them.

Our challenge with opening tickets is that the problems are intermittent. It's really frustrating because we want to instruct our users to use the Teams client to manage all Office 365 Groups membership, but then someone will contact us and say, hey, I can't add owners. Or I can't add members. By the time I get to my desk to verify and submit a ticket it's resolved. I only have 300 people out of an organization of 35,000 using Teams right now. I need for the client and the service to be rock solid.

Yeah, creating a ticket can take some time to be picked up, therefore I recommend the TC! 

I've not seen much of these kinds of problems before! Maybe an private team - Not an owner?



When you see these issues happening, it would be very helpful for support and us in the PG if you grab logs in the moment and then submit them once you've opened a support case so we can investigate. Here are instructions:

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Operating system Name Microsoft Windows 10 Pro ınsider Preview version 10.0.18865 build 18865

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Developers have to test for at least 1 for several weeks, and they have to create and test the recovery drive.

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