Design bug on Microsoft Teams when viewing images from chat

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Have you noticed the design bug in Teams, when you are opening an image on the meeting's chat. The [Close] button on the client locates on the same place where meeting [Leave] button is. I have done, and my colleagues has left from meetings multiple times when computer has not working enough fast for the [close] button. See the pictures.


Here you can see where is the Leave button on the meeting:

Microsoft Teams - Leave Button.pngMicrosoft Teams - Close Button.png


When open the image from chat, you most likely can see where the [Close] appears.


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@Petri X this is great feedback. Thanks Petri X for bringing this up. We are aware of this and are looking to improve it. Thanks!

@Emily Kirby 

Really, this sounds positive ! :D

@Emily Kirby 

This is a grievous design flaw. As a school teacher, I am constantly leaving my classroom because of this easily fixed issue. If the team has been aware of this for so long, why no update addressing it? User-centered design should be your mandate when there are competitive options.

Any update on this? It has been over a year since this was reported.


I believe you should ask this from @Emily Kirby instead of CHenggeler.

But at least, on my Teams this is still active issue.