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Greetings again!


I wondered if someone could offer their two cents on the following...


I am interested in developing Teams application(s) to meet internal business requirements for our own company tenant. When developing on Teams to provide support for a number of our internal services, I wondered if you'd advise a single app that encompasses all our services and their functionality, or would you suggest individual applications for each service?

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Classic "it depends" question. Given the multiple modalities of a Teams app there are so many options. For instance should you make one or two bots, should they be hosted in the same app?


I would prefer to have smaller applications containing a similar set of functionalities and that's what I recommend my clients. It makes it easier to update and maintain. Also think about the end-user, if they install an app, what features do they want or typically want grouped together. I don't think all Teams needs all custom functionality.

That's a really great answer exactly the kind of insight I was looking for.


Many thanks!

Hello, that's a great question. It really depends on several factors.
1) How similar and how simple those individual services are. For instance, if they are all FAQ or information lookup tasks, then it would be reasonable to consolidate into a single app or bot. However, if they are very different functions, for example helpdesk support vs. company directory, then it'd better to have different custom apps.
2) Engineering-wise, it may be hard to maintain a single service that aggregates all these different tasks

Another thing to consider would be to have a single "Employee portal" app that consolidates top-level discovery of the various services, but then navigate and deep link to the other custom apps in order to complete the more complex tasks.
Thank you for your input, I completely agree.

I really like the 'Employee portal' suggestion and that's not something that we've been discussed before; I'm looking forward to delving more into that.