Delegate web solution for moving to Teams

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Hello, I am a delivery engineer/architect for my company working on moving all users to Teams.  I am quite surprised that Microsoft does not have some kind of script to use to figure out the delegate web for Teams.  There was a script for the Exchange Online migration, but that script does not work in the online environment to get Calendar folder permissions.  Right now, I have created a script that gets the delegates of the batches of users that we plan to move, but that doesn't get the web, and that is what we need.  Is there anything in the works on this?

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Thank you for your comments @ematteson   You can check on this particular product improvement suggestion at  to see if anyone has recommended it (if they have you can vote for it).  If not, feel free to add it.

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@ThereseSolimeno Thanks!  In the meantime, I wrote a powershell script that will find all users that have a delegate and output to a CSV the delegator name/folder in column A (in this case, the Calendar folder) and the delegate in column B.  It is what we used for our company's migration to Teams over the last 6 months, and we successfully migrated ~60k user accounts to Teams in that time.