Dealing with Q&A in live events

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I know questions in Live Events can be sorted based on order and popularity, but I often see presenters overwhelmed with the number of questions coming through and struggling to scan up and down the list to figure out what's been answered, or what to answer next.


Are there any changes coming to this, or any suggestions on what works well for others currently?



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@Paul Suttle 

In Live Events I have produced, I always have a person or persons assigned to handle Q&A so I can focus on the production.  Either way, I either send the question live if it is something the audience needs to see or dismiss it after it has been answered.  Dismissing will send it to the dismissed section so you can focus on the new questions.

@Paul Suttle 

This is good feedback.  You might think about what could be helpful to your presenters and request in UserVoice:  Something like having a moderator flag to help the presenters look at the priority questions could be good...would love to hear your ideas on this.

@Laurie Pottmeyer  @Paul Suttle @Jeremy Miller the Presenter role can moderate Q&A; good best practice (Producers can accidently hit the End button, I prefer to minimize who is a producer).  Unfortunately the UI is a little wonky, constrained to the Q&A pane, making hard for moderator to see.  Would be a nice improvement to be able to pop that out to a separate monitor.