Data Loss Prevention and Teams

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Can you give some more info on when the data loss prevention policies (Security and Compliance Center) will be able to monitor Teams?  For instance alerting when users may be sharing files with financial/PII data?


Also any idea when there may be the ability that content/discovery searches will be able to return items found in channel conversations?



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We are actively working on Data Loss Prevention for Teams Chat and Channel messages which will provide similar capability as DLP for Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive. Today, if you turn on DLP protection for SharePoint in your policy, it will protect files that are uploaded to a Teams SharePoint site.

As of today, this feature is here!


With this new feature, you can turn on Data Loss Prevention for your Teams Chat and Channels through the Security and Compliance Center. This feature is off by default and requires administrator action to enable.


DLP for Teams chats and conversations allows admins to create policies to prevent sensitive information – such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or health records – from unintentionally being shared or leaked – either inside or outside of the organization.


Additionally, admins have the flexibility to configure policies to allow end-users to override the blocked message or report the issue as a false positive, which can help you fine tune your companies DLP settings. Policy settings are configured in the Security & Compliance Center as DLP settings for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.


This feature is not yet available for GCC organizations.

when are you expecting GCC organizations?

@David Noble What license level is required for the Teams chat DLP functionality?  Office 365 E3, E5 or an add-on license?  Thanks.

@cfoulon We are working on timelines for deploying to GCC, GCCH and DoD.

@Doyle Spence You would need E5 for DLP Teams or the new Information Protection and Compliance add on.


Hi - the Compliance Bundle is Advanced Compliance + Azure IP Plan 2 - is the Teams DLP therefore included in Advanced Compliance or in Azure IP Plan 2?

thank you


We put our trust on you guys regarding data security and its very weight to lift up... Trust me its hard nut to crack after reading this