D365 CE and D365 F&O Teams Integration for Document Management.

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Now that CRM/Teams integration is in GA we were wondering what is the best way to use teams as the hub for document management. Obviously, we are using SharePoint in the background, but we would like to surface those documents right in the teams interface. That way people can search easily for anything they want. No matter if it is a D365 F&O document or a CE managed one. 

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Dynamics integration is currently only in preview!
Although it works this way basically:
You have a record or entity of some type and connects that to a channel in a team!
The files for that record will connect to that files tab in teams, making the files in both teams and D365 end up in one place visible from both services


Yes, we were in the TAP's program for D365 and teams. My question was more around document management, but it seems that you did answer a big part of my question with the files both  being visible in the files tab as well as D365. Any thoughts on D365 F&O? 

Only that this will be a huge deal for customers :)