Creating Meetings - One attendee at a time

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When creating a new meeting in Teams you can only enter one user/attendee at a time.  Is there a way to paste a list of emails addresses in the 'attendee' box for example; ?


Staff would like to just paste an email list in from our student information system. 


I've tried but can't work out a way in Teams only in Outlook which then gets messy


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Hi there, Unfortunately there is no good way to do this right now. You can invite a distribution group via the Teams scheduler to invite multiple people at once. Upvote this item and we will update if we get this feature under development:

@Emily Kirby  Thank you for the information.


This was my first AMA and the experience was, well poor and very disappointing . Really slow to use and seems pointless because most of the replies from staff are, go and vote at UserVoice.


Sorry to sound negative but I believe in feedback. Instead of AMA make the Teams Engineers should shadow a College/class for a week. Then they will see the little features missing making Teams annoying to use for the standard user. 


I'm a fan of Teams but simple features really need to be released faster.


Thanks again.