Could you provide clarity on the pattern for Teams updates?

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Like many other companies, we are going live from Skype Teams mode only next month. One of the top questions I'm getting from our internal IS (client and software delivery teams) is more clarity of how Microsoft rolls out Teams updates. We understand that anyone can click "check for updates" in Teams but what we are finding more each day is that some people have at times a 3 week gap in updates thus causing frustration and angst on performance issues and also makes it challenging to set expectations for people when they are looking forward to a new feature "background".

  • Could the product Team provide a matrix or some basic roadmap on how Microsoft makes updates available?
  • Also, what guidance could you give to people who've gone before us and asked similar questions?



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@Lillian Diaz Hi Lillian, updates are pushed automatically when the client isn't active. Here is an article that sheds some light on the process:


Let me know if this helps.



@Emily Kirby thank you for replying! We are seeing inconsistency with some people seeing updates sooner on desktop than others. Could this be related to the type of machine they use or anything on the client side that could be causing this? Any ideas on why some people would see desktop updates sooner than others?