Copying Teams teamplate


Is there a way to copy a team site and all the channels to a new teams site? We want to create a site structure that all projects follow.

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Yes! We're working on a feature which would allow you to use an existing team as template and allow you to use the channel structure and team info for a new team without bringing in any of the content or conversations over. 


Is there any update on this feature availbility?


Second this, would love an update on the status of templating Teams\Planner Tasks

When will this be ready.  NEED to be able to replicate teams and the planner tasks within!!!

You can devise something from PowerShell, but agreed something from the UI might be helpful as well to provision standard structures.

Has this been set up yet?  I would like to copy an existing team to use as a template when creating new teams.

Can you give a example how to do that i PowerShell?
Realy need this!


This would be an amazing feature as we operate in several countries and I need to manually create each group and channel each time we implement. Can we please have an update?