Conversation and Files Tab - Remove

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I would really like to be able to remove the Conversation and Files tab. Is this something that we will be able to do someday?

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Hi there, Thanks for the feedback. Would you mind explaining a bit more about your scenario so we can understand why Conversations and Files tabs are not useful to you. Furthermore, we do have an item on uservoice for just this request: Please could you add your vote to it? Many thanks, Abhishek
Beth - The conversations Tab is the main Tab where people chat... why remove that tab?

Not all m users need/use this feature. I think they should be able to remove the tab if they aren't using chat. Then if they decide to use it, they could add the tab back.

Not all of my users use the chat feature. Furthermore, we sometimes create our own document libraries that we would rather have a tab for. I know I can add libraries to the tab, but the Files tab is always there. It is confusing to my users. Furthermore, I would like to be able to order the tabs as I would like. I know I can form the Files tab on, but that is limiting. I also want to be able to select my default start page.

Hi Beth, To confirm the user voices for these were rejected Whilst there is no comments as to why, I can only hazard a guess that the architecture of teams and office 365 groups have a lot to do with the default tabs. Best, Chris Best, Chris