Conversation and Files Tab - Remove

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I would really like to be able to remove the Conversation and Files tab. Is this something that we will be able to do someday?

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I agree with this. I would also like to be able and make one of the tabs a landing tab. So when you click on a Channel it would default to the tab of your choice rather than always conversations.
I believe this uservoice was declined! I’d like an update on this as well :)
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Declined here I am afraid Doesn't have a reason. Think its possibly to do with the architecture of a team but there is nothing confirmed on it.

Can anyone please explain why this declined? Seems like a valid question and something that can easily be made configurable.

This one would be off big value!

@marcvanneerven  I read in another thread previously, it was to do with it killing the channel switch response time if the default tab was made dynamic - which is a royal pain as I need this functionality too!

Count me in as desiring the ability to remove the Files tab.  I use Document Library for every team to specifically avoid the garbage dump that comes from the Files tab.  Because it cannot be removed, admin time is constantly being consumed to perform clean up that should never be required.