Compare tools used to manage Teams Rooms (Teams Admin Center and Managed Meeting Rooms)

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Customers can choose to deploy and operation Teams Rooms using a number of tools (Intune, Endpoint Manager, Active Directory, Teams Admin Center, Azure Monitoring) and also the Managed Meeting Rooms service. 

The idea of MMR being a service is understood but the tooling is different and today it seems its a reporting/monitoring solution only. 

Is there content that speaks to the tools an Administrator can use for each activity in deployment and then compare differences where there are multiple Microsoft options? 

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Hi Thomas, we will have a complete management, monitoring, alerting, and updating solution for Teams Devices in Teams Admin center. You can see Teams Phones and Teams Collab Bars in the TAC now, and MTR in the TAC is currently in TAP and will be GA very soon. We will continue to enhance the TAC capabilities for Teams Devices significantly and quickly.

Microsoft Managed Rooms is a paid managed service for customers who would like Microsoft to operate Microsoft Teams Rooms management on their behalf.

So the choice is up to customers, they can use TAC to operate management of their devices (or in the near future delegate that in TAC to their partners), or purchase a service from Microsoft to have Microsoft operate their Teams Rooms.

@Ilya Bukshteyn Thanks for the response, your phrasing does help to clarify. 


The piece of the story I see missing is that MMR is useful to the customer AFTER the customer has provisioned the accounts and room properties. 

I see 4 options for a customer in this space 
1. Customer owns all work using Teams Admin Center and associated tools 

2. Customer owns all provisioning and configuration tasks but pays for MMR to monitor 

3. Customer pays partner to use Teams Admin Center and associated tools (Partner may also sell proprietary and device vendor tools as needed) 

4. Customer pays partner who resells MMR along with M365 (Teams Admin Center) permissions to provision and configure rooms. (Partner may also sell proprietary and device vendor tools as needed)  

@Thomas Laciano I think those are correct, although on #4, not sure if partners are re-selling MMR yet. 

To be clear, TAC will also provide all capabilities needed to monitor, so the customer (and partner) choice is really about who operates the management / monitoring, not about capabilities as such.