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Are there any plans for a compact toggle for Teams? 

Full Teams

  -- Full collaboration, channels, tabs etc experience

Compact Mode

  --Slim down interface that only shows contacts and chat/call features.  More Skype like for that quick chat/call experience.


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Hi Jeremy, we are working on a compact mode. We are updating the UserVoice item as the development progresses:

Yeah.. this post pretty much sums it up:


Sean Ellis commented · April 29, 2020 03:10 ·


It's now been 6 weeks since you announced you were working on a design. (Actually, it's been 2.5 years since you announced that "We spent months testing designs with users".) Can you wave the back of a napkin at us? Show us some evidence that the design is being worked on? Show us what you mean by "compact"? Give us a chance to respond at an early stage? Show us you value your users? Give us some reason to trust you? Last time, you got all the way to the Big Release and then showed us a view with *less* information on the screen - the precise opposite of what we asked for. Show us stuff early. Show us sketches. Show us... well, anything at all.

@Jeremy Hamilton I appreciate not only this post but your response more than you know.  I've seen several threads on this where people have been asking for this functionality for years.  I almost wrote "feature" but I believe that's what MS wants you to be using...all kinds of features in a gigantic app that needs to dominate screen real estate.  We have several business units where we need this app pared down to basically just a Contact List like S4B but I can't see any way to do that.  In testing, we're pretty pleased with the mobile app.  Would like to see some sort of Compact Mode that looks like that.  If you're going to have one product that needs to scale to all sorts of business uses, let's have some options eh?  They tout how many active users are on Teams so maybe there's not a lot of motivation here.

Sooo do this day we are still unable to see more than 3 messages on our screens at a time. I am looking for a compact mode now because I've moved to a corporation that seems to have chosen this hot garbage product over Slack / Discord. Yes I just made a comparison between Discord and Teams and yes Discord is better until there is a compact view. Please someone tell me where I can find the compact mode that has now been in development for YEARS.

Hello @nornor  The UV item referred to above says the feature is Under Review - I have reconfirmed this with the PM team and they are currently considering all options.  While it's not the answer you probably were hoping for, I'd suggest that you keep an eye on that UV item for further updates (if you vote for it, you can sign up for automatic updates when they become available.)

@ThereseSolimeno I appreciate that you have responded to me but let's be clear, this has been "in development" for years. It's a quick change to the UI that doesn't take long to be developed if someone actually cares to.


Teams is officially on my "hot garbage" list of software I won't be recommending, honestly Microsoft is on such a hot streak recently doing so much right I guess they had to drop the ball somewhere. I'm pressing for a move to abandon ship and move over to Slack.

@nornor Agreed, I've been waiting for years for an update to this app that doesn't require me to have a dedicated monitor just to use it.  There is SO much blank space in the chat window...



Not to mention the complete disaster chat is as a whole. Is it a chat.. is it a forum?? For god's sake, let me see the entire conversation without having to expand 15 times. I really wish the rumored MS Discord acquisition would have gone through.  It's a shame Sony beat them to the punch, or gave them a better offer. I would kill for a Discord-like Teams interface.

@Jeremy Hamilton 

And now they've shut down the uservoice page entirely, so that no one can see the evidence of them absolutely not caring about their customer base one bit.  

Microsoft=A regime ignoring and silencing those who point out that Microsoft isn't in the business of satisfying customers and doesn't intend to become one. 

@vicetj @Jeremy Hamilton  and all:  Uservoice has not been shut down - we experienced some administrative issues that were resolved by last Friday.  We will be moving to a different feedback forum sometime later this year and that will be widely publicized because Microsoft Teams' engineering does indeed read those comments, bug reports and feature requests and want to continue to hear what is important to users.