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Need access to or instructions on how to access collaboration tools. I'll do my best to list them out. For some background I work for Architecture/Engineer firm and we often need to share screenshots or better year screenshare to show each other our digital models. The tools in MS Teams are either not there or hard to find. Hopefully you can help us out!


  1. When engaged in a 1:1 chat (or meeting) need a button or ability to send a screenshot.
  2. When engaged in a 1:1 chat (or meeting) need a button or quick access to start a screen-share session, not have to setup and start a 'meeting. Needs to be impromptu.
    1. I'll add that we do not have an integrated phone system yet so some of these issues might be alleviated with that?
  3. When in screen-sharing (screen-share started from a MS Teams Meeting) are there any annotation tools? For example draw on screen, color, highlight. We use a Cisco tool now and they are some simple basic tools for circling things on screen, etc. Would go a long way to have this in MS Teams.
  4. Can we add local links and not only web links? For example when using OneNote you can paste a link to a local file or sever file and when inside our network you could then click that link and open that file, image or folder. I can't seem to make this happen in MS Teams in the Chat window for example


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