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I believe there is a 200 channel limit currently. Without the ability to archive or move channels to other Teams for long term type larger Teams for future planning, can you guys share if archive of channels will allow us to keep 200 active channels, or will archive channels still count against that limit but remove them off the Team list? Just looking at future proofing of some Teams where we have projects as channels and they need archived rather than deleted over Time and could hit that 200 limit in a few years :p, or if I need to reconsider the strategy and split the Teams out some way. Thanks!

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Hi Christopher,


You are correct - currently there is a limit of 200 lifetime channels per team. This is something we are planning to increase in future.


Archive channels is a capability we are evaluating and we will keep channel limit in mind for this.


If you are building out the strategy for the next 2 years, we do recommend creating more channels vs teams.

That's what I was hoping to hear, thanks :).
Is there any headway on archiving channels?
Increasing the limit beyond 200 channels?

Other options:
• Un-archiving?
• Moving an archived channel?
• Perhaps auto-archive after pre-determined time?