Changing folder names in SharePoint is messing up Teams channels


Changing folder names in SharePoint is messing up Teams channels, is there a fix comming anytime soon?

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Hi Jimmy,
They just updated the status on this, the SharePoint Team is currently working on it! See updated admin response on the uservoice item here:
Thanks @Chris, sounds good, but the issue here is that the changes is happenning in SharePoint and Teams doesn't care, currently Teams just look for the folder name and it creates a new folder in the library if it don't find it.

For clients moving from SharePoint to Teams, it's a governance nightmare.

Ahh I read it backwards. I would hope they will include both directions for this. Since they are adding the SharePoint teams icon link to folders connected to sharepoint they are probabaly going to tighten this down with that. But good point to bring up. Hopefully maybe someone from product team will be able to update.
Yeah, I really hope so, trying to explain to my clients fix is on the way, but it's just not good enough :)
You could probabaly do a flow or something that monitors the folder names and change it back if it changes. But unfortunately no easy way to mass deploy flows to all teams ;).

@Chris Webb has this still not been resolved? It looks like it's been a year and a half, and I am still having these same issues.