Can we get better control for unmute

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If you area teacher and hosting a lessons for students, it is pretty big shame for teacher when other participants can control when speaker is muted.

Can you please make possible, that only organizer/speaker have access to mute/unmute others.

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Hi @Petri X, if you make sure students are meeting attendees and not presenters they should not be able to mute others. You can do this when scheduling the meeting, during the meeting from within the participant pane or you can set it with a meeting policy.

For your second question about the organizer/speaker access to mute/unmute we currently allow the organizer/presenter to mute students, but if you would also like to disallow students to unmute themselves please vote for this feature on uservoice:

We have to create the meeting first. After the meeting invites are sent out, then we can go into the meeting details and set attendees and presenters.

Once we do that, it also takes care Of Petri X's second question as well. Once you set the attendees, they cannot mute during the meeting. Right? All of sudden I'm doubting myself, but we were very frustrated before the workaround.


Just tested, correct. Students cannot unmute teacher.


But if one person disturb the lesson, we still cannot keep that person silence? I really like to see that we could mute all, and then allow them to unmute when it is time for students. Now one person can break the whole lesson.

Hi @jdohl,

There's actually a number of ways you can control the meeting roles for students, which is what you would do to make sure they don't mute others or kick someone out of the meeting. Here's how you do it during the meeting:

As I mentioned you can also have a Teams admin assign teachers a policy that will make everyone in the meeting they organize an attendee by default.

In the current experience there's no way to stop a student that has been muted from unmuting themselves, but this feature request is currently under review:


Unfortunately User Voice does not help, it is already stating:

"This feature request is being reviewed by the feature team. No new details to share at this time"


I do not even understand what kind of review that really need? This feature is mandatory :)