Can we expect improvements to the Video Queue in Live Events and Webinars?

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My colleague and I used to run our weekly webinars through Live Events, but one core issue we had was the video queue only seems to work before starting the event.  During the actual event, the queue doesn't seem to do anything.


So during the live event, sharing a screen works exactly like a normal teams meeting.  The current presenter is bumped out.


Allowing us to queue our screens DURING the live event would allow smoother transitions between segments.   We initially assumed the video queue would allow us to do this, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


Has that changed since last year?  If not, is there a plan to allow producers to queue content up during the event?



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Thanks for the feedback! Currently today there is no queuing mechanism for screen sharing during a Live Event. If a presenter shares, it will automatically go live (assuming content sharing is live).
I agree, that seems like a logical assumption about the queuing of the shared screens. It's unfortunate.. and kinda scary that anyone could potentially take over the screen with out knowing how it works.
agreed. We've found ways to workaround it but it seemed like an oversight. I thought we were doing something wrong at first when we learning about live events.