Can we change the default page in Teams

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It would be really helpful if I could set the default start page in Teams. Will this ever be possible?

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Hi @Beth Mahoney - Can you share what you mean by the default start page?  Do you mean when you join a meeting or when you start up Teams?  Please expand so we can better address your question.  Thank you!!

When I start up teams, I would like to be able to decide what channel/tab loads. For example, I may have a tab that shows my SharePoint Home.aspx page for a channel. If I wanted this to be the page that loads, I would like to be able to set that as my choice. Or I may want to default to a particular document library, wiki page, etc. It would be nice if we had the option of deciding what page our individual teams start on. Right now, it defaults to the Conversation page. My users are not thrilled with this.
Did you ever see a reply to this, Beth? I have the same question.

@Beth Mahoney :) - this is exactly what we need as well. I will follow this threat closely. 

Getting requests for this as well. Any news?

Bump.. Teams have quickly replaced SharePoint as a starting point for many groups but after a while they all look the same, it would be nice to have a starting page that can answer some existential questions such as "Why are we here?", "Who am I?", etc.

@Beth Mahoney  I am also looking for a solution like this.

@Beth Mahoney 


Is there an answer to this question?  My organization is preparing to launch Teams, and we have years of investment in Classic sites.  I want/need for the Classic sites to be the default page for each department Team in Teams.

@Beth Mahoney  I wonder if they ever take note of what the users really need. What you are asking is such an obvious request!!! It should be possible to have a welcome view on each channel where the owner of the channel can publish important news or new goals...

Perhaps this is under a different thread?  I would like to know if we can do this or if it is on the road map.

I really want to be able to control what is shown in teams when the app opens.

Example: Out of lesson, I am exchanging confidential messages with a colleague. I open teams in a class and it shows the thing I was last doing. Specifying an 'open this page when starting' would save that.

In an ideal world, it would say 'if you have a meeting in your teams calendar then, when you open teams, focus on that team OTHERWISE default view is THIS team/channel.

Being able to set a start page/app would be awesome.  We could potentially use it to drive people to Yammer "communities" so everyone can see what the latest activity is.  This could also be very useful once Sharepoint Homepage comes to Teams (currently slated for Q1 2021).  Launch Teams and automatically land on the intranet home page!   

@MannDavid Looks like the Microsoft team is too busy deciding what the users need rather than listening the real user needs... amazing!!!