Can non-members access resources of a public Team?

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I was recently asked what the difference is between a public and private team, and the only immediate answer I had was that anyone can join a public team, while a private team is invite only.  


That discussion led to the question - Are resources of a public team, such as it's sharepoint site, files, etc are accessible without joining the team.  Example use case: a public team for the company safety committee might want to post articles on sharepoint for the entire company to see, or create documents that can be referenced by anyone in the company.   Can they do that using their Team site & document library, or would staff have to join the Safety Committee Team to view those?

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What about guest access overall? Do non-employee accounts have access to public teams? 

Guests cannot discover and join teams as per the below documentation:


Let us know if you have more questions.



[Updated 2018-12-12]

The document says Guest CAN NOT "Discover and join public teams" nor "Share a chat file"

Guest capabilities in Teams

It does say they can share files from the team they are a member of.


What about the question of team file and resource access as the original post inquires. 

Thank you for the reference link. 

You must join a public team to access its resources. Currently, you cannot access the resources without joining the team.

Thank you for the reply.  Can you also address the initial question, as to whether non-members are able to access resources of a public team without joining that team?



Guests cannot discover and join teams and therefore do not have access to resources of public teams.

Frankly the possibility to open the team content w/o joining is a Yammer feature. 

Anyone can open any public groups in Yammer and even participate in a chat, create a new thread etc.

If anyone can participate in Team chatting/communication etc then Teams will be converted to social network.

Hey Steve, yes, public Teams attached SharePoint sites (and content) are discoverable in Search and accessible to any "User account" in your Tenant since the "Everyone except external users" is a default edit permission on public group connected SharePoint sites. Hope that helps :).
Evgeny Artemyev, I have heard from many who already feel strongly that Yammer Enterprise should be phased out completely and replaced with teams.
At present long existing Yammer groups have security groups and SharePoint resources, but are not truly integrated and any data stored in Yammer is not easily manageable for backup, recovery, retention, or eDiscovery. The issues go on and on with no strong positive advancement for corporate scenarios. The Private/Public feature in Yammer while a pain for administration was a good option that should be considered in Microsoft Teams.
In Microsoft Teams, we will end up with Private Teams and a regular review of all object permissions and usage. Actions which most managing security and content in corporate scenarios are already doing. However, with loaded files tied into SharePoint storage and the stronger ties to tenant security and audit logging, all the necessary administrative tasks needed to protect a company and its employees will be greatly improved.
Of course, many would also adds the caveat "Until Microsoft changes gears again mid-evolution of the app and we'll be back to hobbling together functional solutions".

@abguptaYou're not differentiating between guests (external to the organization) and non-members (internal to the organization though they have not been added as members of the public team)