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Hello fellow Teams Fans


We've been using Teams during Covid for communication between our remote staff, and slowly beginning to appreciate how powerful it is.  I've enabled Teams Voice for a few users as a trial to allow us to call and be called from land lines.  


Are there any plans to allow call recording?  All the details I find on line are around recording conference calls/videos.  Nothing about one to one calls.  It's important for our business to record all our in/out calls for auditing by our clients.


As an admin I'd ideally like to record all calls, store them centrally, and have reports available



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Thanks for the link.  I was hoping for a few slider buttons :xd:  

This seems far too complex for my abilities.  I guess we need to engage with a consultant with some experience in this.  

Even a button for the user to record a one to one call would be a start and easy for small businesses like us.