Browser version of Microsoft teams versus app

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Is there a possibility that Microsoft Teams Browser version will at any point match the app? Our students use Chromebooks and can only truly access the browser version which doesn't have the same capabilities. Just curious so I can better explain it to all of the students at my school. 

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Hi @bwalker2020 - many functionalities are at par on the web-client but there are some limitations that won't be matched with the app fully 100%. Are there any specific features that you're wanting?

Hi @Sam Cosby 


Thank you for your response. I appreciate it. Mainly the gallery view options. The ability to view large gallery view and together mode on the browser version. 

Thanks @bwalker2020 for the clarity. Let me talk to some folks and get back to you on this one!

Hi@Sam Cosby 


I appreciate it. Thank you. Students have asked about this on multiple occasions because they would like to be able to see all of their classmates. 

Hi @bwalker2020 - I've confirmed that this is expected to come to web but will take sometime to roll out, expected ETA is half-way through next year..