Browser Support/Seamless Guest Invitations

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Hi Team,


The news is that Microsofts Edge browser will be powered by Chromiums Blink in 2019. What will the ETA be when Google Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers using Blink will finally be supported with video conferencing and the rest of the functionality of Teams Online?


Will the future hold better guest user integration without the need for admins to manually do so through Azure AD or have our end users jump through hoops in order for them to be added for a simple message thread? Right now our end users are constantly trying to connect to all their contacts using many methods, however, if we take the Teams route as our one stop shop they still cannot just search externally for any user to have instant meetings with. I understand we are still using Islands and its defaulted this way, the need to jump through hoops, but Teams cannot be considered a solution without browser support for organizations that are not on the Teams bandwagon. When invited guests have to create accounts to use an application they have waited to download and install, provided there isn't a UAC prompt preventing them from doing so, then it's not much of an instant meeting. 



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Will there ever be an instant meeting option for ANYONE outside the organization, regardless if their organization adopted Teams or not?