Branding of desktop clients: Skype, Skype for Business, Skype Meetings App, Skype Room App, Teams

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1. Has the merge between Skype client and Skype for Business client completed?

2. When will Teams desktop client be able to make group call with Skype users?

3. Try to explain the difference between these clients to end users: Skype, Skype for Business, Skype Meetings App, Skype Room App (WUP), and then now we need add Teams to the list.


As of today (waiting since 2015), we can only make 1-on-1 Skype-to-SfB call and cannot make a group call, and now we will be moving on to adapt Teams...

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As far as I know, Skype (consumer) and Skype for Business were never meant to be merged.

It is unfortunate that Lync was renamed Skype for Business, because it caused a lot of confusion for many years. But my understanding is that they were always meant to stay separate clients.

The renaming I suppose was supposed to make Lync more appealing, more mainstream... And they did give it some visual upgrades, I'll admit.

But the branding decision was a bad one. :)

Isn't the good news here that you can turn off all those things called Skype for your users and just use Teams?



What I read in the User Voice of Teams is, that the Federation betwen Skype Consumer and Teams has ben declined.


HI there.  So the first thing that would be helpful to ground on is the difference between our consumer and business applications.  Skype is a consumer app and it is not being merged with any business applications at this time. 


Teams replaces Skype for Business so there's not really a need to explain the different flavors.  Its a "move to Teams" though of course we still support our on prem Skype for Business server application for the customers that require this.  


As to group calls with Skype users anyone can be added to a Team via guest access and you can then schedule group calls.  Check out the guest access article here for more information: